Corda Management


Paul DeCleva (1924-2020) Upon graduation from Ludovica Military Academy in Budapest, Hungary, served as an officer in the Hungarian Royal Guard until 1948 when he had to leave the country because of the Communist Russian occupation that considered Mr. DeCleva, together with many other citizens of the country, as a class enemy. Mr. DeCleva emigrated to Sweden in February 1949 and, through the assistance of friends, entered into the United States on a visitor's visa. Mr. DeCleva was able to obtain a special Senate Bill permitting him to apply for US citizenship.

Mr. DeCleva moved to Texas in 1951 and got a job with ARCO as a draftsman, which provided him with geological experience that enabled him to start up his own oil business. He proceeded to drill 32 producing wells up to 1962 in the Westbrook field in Mitchell County, Texas. Thereafter, he is credited with discovering and developing the Mississippian Reef trend in Hardeman County, Texas, a major producing area in the Hardeman Basin.
Paul DeCleva, Jr. has been working with Corda Corporation and Paul DeCleva in the oil business since 1981. He oversees Corda's oil operation, including prospect identification, title issues and Texas Railroad Commission compliance, oil and gas sales and joint venture agreements.

Mr. DeCleva is a graduate of the Culver Military Academy, The University of Texas at Austin and holds a law degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. He is a member of the State Bar of Texas and Texas Alliance of Energy Producers.

Mr. DeCleva is active in acquiring, drilling and developing oil and gas wells, mainly in North Texas and in the Hardeman Basin.