Corda Corporation is a privately held Texas corporation engaged in oil and gas exploration since 1982. Corda operates 37 producing wells in Texas.

Corda has an executive office in downtown Dallas and a production office in Wichita Falls, Texas. Corda's exploration activities take place primarily in Texas Railroad Commission Districts 9 and 7B. In 2023 Corda Corporation's gross oil and gas revenue from operated properties was $4,262,434.73.

 Average price per barrel in 2023 was $75.83 in North Texas. Corda sold 56,208 barrels of oil in 2023 from its operated properties. The average price for natural gas in 2023 was $2.14 per MCF and total natural gas sales were 13,238 MCF.

Oil prices in 2023 were relatively stable. In 2023, Corda plugged or otherwise disposed of legacy natural gas wells which it operated in Texas Railroad Commission District 9. This will significantly improve the operating economy for 2024.

Corda also derives other income from mineral investments and royalty interests in Central Texas, West Texas, South Texas and Oklahoma.