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Corda Corporation is a privately held Texas corporation engaged in oil and gas exploration since 1982. Corda and Paul DeCleva operate 53 producing wells in Texas.oil and nature

Corda has an executive office in downtown Dallas and a production office in Wichita Falls, Texas. Corda’s exploration activities take place primarily in Texas Railroad Commission Districts 9 and 7B.

Completion operations and field supervision are conducted by Corda Corporation personnel to ensure accountability to partners.

In 2018 the Corda Corporation and Paul DeCleva gross oil and gas revenue from operated properties was 4,481,509.66. Average price per barrel in 2018 was $59.76. The average price for natural gas in North Texas for 2018 was $2.80 per MCF.

The 2018 year included better oil and gas prices, although the November and December price drops were unexpected. Even in this $50 per barrel oil price environment, Corda continues to pursue its planned drilling and rework opportunities in spite of unusually wet field conditions that hit North Texas during the last half of the year. One oil rework was successful in Hardeman County where production increased from 60 barrels of oil per month to 900 barrels monthly. Other recompletion opportunities and an offset drilling prospect will be commenced in the first two quarters of 2019, all in Texas Railroad Commission District 9. Corda also renewed a block of oil and gas leases in Hardeman County, Texas, where exploration activity is steady.

As in previous years, Corda will focus on its owned operated projects and internally approved oil and gas drilling prospects. Smaller mineral investments in Oklahoma and Texas will continue to be pursued and contribute to the enterprise.

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